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signs of previous catheterization

ok, this is stupid, but several years ago, i had a cardiac catheterization. very minor blockage, but i took care on my own- lost weight, better diet, etc. didnt follow up, because i was so busy with my job, home, et al. recently started having a few pains, and dr wants to do another one. different dr. didn't tell him about previous because i don't want to appear foolish. will he be able to see signs that i had one done before?
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Why would you feel foolish? What difference does it make if you have one before?  Not sure they can tell. I wouldn't think so.
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You may have scar tissue at the entry site. What about hospital records? unless you use a different ID, surely they would know anyway.
There is nothing to feel awkward about, it was probably the right decision at the time anyway.
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Of course tell your doctor...this is a second procedure on YOUR heart and the outcome might depend on it.  
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I'd say yes, the procedure leaves a mark.  The doctor will be concerned with your present symptoms, and you should tell the doctor about the previous test.  The first test will serve as a benchmark.  By all means, tell your doctor at once.  
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