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small vessel damage

Does anyone know anything about small vessel damage of the heart?  I haven't been able to find much information on it and was wondering if anyone knew anything about it.  What causes it?  How can it be detected?  Is it dangerous?  What symptoms would it cause if any? etc.  If anyone knows anything about it...
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Google "Small Vessel Disease". I have this and it is due to arteriosclerosis. It can effect any organ in the body. The small arteries and capillaries of the brain are often affected. Mine shows up on an MRI. The report says "changes noted due to SVD (Small Vessel Disease). I have had 2 strokes and have had many TIAs (transient ischemic attacks) sometimes called mini-strokes that do no damage. One stroke was light. One stroke was heavy.

Do you smoke? If you do, stop it.

You may be referring to a congenital condition that only effects the heart. If so, forget SVD....
Thanks. Never smoked and dont drink.
My brain mri showed early small vessel changes and im also being evaluated for cmvd. Ive had tia before but not shown up on ct scan.

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In the heart it is classed as either microvascular angina or cmvd or small vessel disease. Im undergoing tests for it.
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