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I have been diagnosed with Mild Mitral Regurgitation and Trace Tricuspid Regurgition.  In the past year I have been experiencing "spells" which I assumed to be related to the above conditions but my GP doesn't think so.  These spells only last about 1/2 to 1 minute and feel like a rush coming from my chest area up to my head, causing some slight visual distortion with the feeling like I might black out.  This is followed immediately by my heart racing.  Today someone was with me when this "spell" occurred and they were alarmed because they said my face went beet red and even my eye look bloodshot.  I guess I should also mention that lately my allergies have been bothering me which I assumed to be causing the ear pressure and the few occassional nose bleeds.

Should I be concerned?  I am seeing my doctor tomorrow but they really wanted me to go today to the ER but I refused.

These spells come and go but do not happen frequently --perhaps several times per month.  Please help me as I am nervous about my heart health as both my mother and father had massive heart attacks.  The one my Dad had killed him in his sleep at age 67.
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hello, I too have heart problams.  Started last yr. Had chest pain, high heart rate and high bp. Im only 31ys old and don't do anything unhealthy to myself. (smoking,drinking,exc) They put me on propranolol which in time brought it down. But now my heart rate is around 60 even while walking around in my house. To me this was not good cause my heart rate stayed around 72-80 while resting watching tv. So now they are lowering my med to 2xs a day instead of 3. They don't want me to stop taking it completely cause last year when i first started seeing a cardio dr. he said i had a heart murmur. He sent me to the hospital to get an echo done. Come back that 3 of my heart valves are leaky. But only mild. Mitral, tricup,and trace pulmonary. So far the only one not is the aortic. He told me i'll outlive them. But im still soooo scared. He said I'v probably had this problem since birth. To me this makes lots of sence, cause when i was growing up i had SEVERE nosebleeds (which caused me to be borderline animic, had to take iron suppl) and the dr. then told my parents not to allow me to have chocolate. He felt this is what was causing nosebleeds. Crazy huh? Then had severe headaches. Had a brain scan done then too. Normal. I had moments even pretty embarresing moments where I would get soooo dizzy. I always explained to teachers and dr.s that it felt as if i was in a spinning tunnel. Then just find out a year ago, leaky heart valves.
Dr assured me that, thats why i had all those symptoms as a child too.
Are you on any meds for this? And what did your dr. tell you about your  valves?

I  hope this helps ya out a little or more.:) Trust me your not alone. If you need someone to talk to at anytime, get in touch. I know when i talk to others who have the same problems I feel much better. It helps to vent once in a while.:)

I wish you the best of luck!!!!
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