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I'm 28 6'2 180 athlete and on June 19, 2007 I collasped while playing semi-pro football. They said I had sudden cardic death because a virus had attack my heart. They was scar tissue found in my heart also.So I got a defibulator put in. When I went to the Cleveland Clinic my heart function was at 25% now the last time I got tested like 3 months ago it was up to 40%. Well they said I could start to exercise again so I started playing basketball one time per week. Everything was going good until one week I decide to play three times. Well the third time it was about 9am on a sunday and I just started to play in my league when all of a sudden I thought I was going to pass out. I made it to the bench but right when I sat down I got shocked by my defibulator. It was so powerful but it did work and I felt good after. My question is do you think I can go back to playing one time per week? Also its only been 7 months do you think my heart could still get back to 100% with time. Please give me your advice I want to play so bad but I'm scared to get shocked again. They said my heart went to 230bpm right before it shocked me. I also have two kids wife big house payment with another baby on the way june 9. Thanks
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I would definately go back to the doc and have a long talk with him/her.  Maybee let them do a few test while you exercise.  I am no doctor but I do have a family and a lot people that realy on me, and from that standpoint sounds like you have to much to loose and not enough fo cain from playing sports.  I was a extreme athelit and when I got married and had kids I know I slowed down a lot.  I do miss and will always love it but I can't fathem the though of my kids not having good old dad around.  Good luck and god bless.

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