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stress induced myocardial ischemia

my dad is a civil engineer...and has a very strenous job..as in he has to run around a lot on the project site.he is 57 yrs old and weighs 98 kgs.recently he experienced chest pain while climbing up the staircase at his work..his stress test is positive which says:
state one
systolic pressure:127
diastolic pressure:73
MP-96 and heart rate 57 beats per min
he is also diagnosed with frequent PAC, PVC's
he has undergone angiography and doctors say his case is too severe for angioplasty and stents....but it is hard for us to beleive that...since he has no angina history and never had angina pain before this incident...n he is not overweight and neither does he has any other problem except that he is diabetic.

so is he really eligible for a major heart surgery which doctors suggest....cant the problem be solved with something else??
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Thanks for the question. It sounds as if your father had a positive stress test followed by a cardiac catheterization which showed severe disease or blockages in his coronary arteries. From what you describe, his doctors suggest coronary artery bypass grafting surgery rather than angioplasty or stents. Studies have shown that this bypass grafting is a better option for overall survival than stents when multiple coronary arteries are involved. Without known the full details of your father's coronary artery disease, it is difficult to say if there is a role for another non- surgical option such as management with medication or stenting. Your father does have at least one major risk factor for coronary artery disease, since he has diabetes. It is very possible that can have severe blockages and not ever had symptoms or a heart attack. In fact, diabetic patients often have no symptoms of angina, or unusual angina symptoms.
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thank you so much..this was very helpful..we just got his angiography done..and doctors say his left proximal coronary artery severe  blockage at 2 locations and  right one has some narrowing.his echo test of the heart showed some very slight kinetic movement..so i guess yes he needs  a bypass surgery....so how long much time do you think we have to get his bypass done?
and what care should we take to keep his condition under control until he gets his bypass done,,since we need time to consult several doctors to select the best one for surgery.....

thank you very much
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