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stress test

Had a stress test there is a large sized anterior walldefect extending to the apex and septal wall. There is a samll sized distal anteroapical defecdt extending to the septal wall.  Small sized fixed distal anteroapical defect textending to the septal wall consistent wiht myocardial scar.  What does all this mean. I an 70 year old female with family heart history.
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A heart wall defect indicates there are damaged heart cells that can be caused by a lack of blood/oxygen to the areas provided.  Myocardial scar indicates there was a prior heart attack and that caused heart cell necrosis.  The conditions will impair heart wall movement (hypokinesis, or akinesis).

What this indicates there may be reduced ability of the heart to pump adequately to meet the oxygenated blood demand.  Do you have report regarding your heart's ejection fraction (EF)? This is the percentage of blood pumped with heartbeat (normal is 50 to 70%)

That is about all that can be discerned from the information you have provided.  If you have any more information or further questions you are welcome to respond.  Take care,
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