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stress test

ok I have had the stress test for abnormal EKG,  I passed this test with flying colors but have not yet heard the results. Would this be a good thing?
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I've seen other messages where folks did well on their stress test but posted all their results so someone could explain some of the terminology. I wonder if you have to ask for the results.
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Nice job........... that wasn't so bad was it? Normally, there is a cardiologist in the room monitoring the stress test, in fact I believe one must be present during testing. If they said you passed that's great news. Your doctor will not necessarily give you the details of your report. Some doctors only go over the bad news. You should reuest a copy from your doctor with the specifics to keep on file. Also, make the doctor take some time and go over the results and what they mean so you are not left with more questions.

Again, congrats!

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