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stress tests results

I had a gated stress test and the report states: myoview stress test: stress and resting spec views of heart were obtained in vertical long axis, horizontal long axis and in short axis projection.  There is uniform distribution of isotope throughout the myocardium following stress.  Resting scan reveals similar findings.  No reversible changes are noted.  Ejection fraction measures 69%.  All of that sounds ok then primary diagnostic code is minor abnormality!  What is abnormal?
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Thank you, it does help!
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Nothing you posted is abnormal, it all looks good. You have to understand that these tests are initially interpreted by a computer which is often too conservative and wrong. It takes a medical professional to interpret these along with all the other date including other test results and you history. The computer may have seen a change in your EKG during the test that it called abnormal but your doctor looked at the data and interpreted it another way. Your results look good an I would take your doctor's word for it.

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