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tell me the truth

my uncle was 50 years old and he got chest pain in the morning then docter told him about ' MI' and after few hour he's not with us ,,,,

please tell that what is MI in heart problem and the precaution and the medicines and also tell me about in which condition mi patient will died
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MI is caused by various things. It happens when the heart does not receive enough blood and oxygen.

The most common cause of a heart attack is athereosclerosis, a build up of plaque, which in turn, is caused by too much fatty foods, hypertension (high blood pressure), smoking, etc.

Heart attacks can often come without warning, so it is not always preventable if you mean medication wise, but not smoking, eating a healthy diet, and losing weight can help.

Even though sometimes heart attacks come on suddenly, alot of people report chest pain that radiates to their arms.

The treatment for a heart attack patient depends on if they are conscious or not.

Conscious patients receive nitroglycerin, a special medication that only Paramedics and doctors gave give.

Unconscious patients usually need CPR and defribillation, a shock to the heart.

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I'm not a doctor but I learned a lot when my own Dad went through 4 heart attacks. In one way he was fortunate because his heart attacks were considered mild, only little bits of damage to the heart each time. But in the end he still ended up with congestive heart failure. Not an easy way to live. Plus he never changed his lifestyle, still ate terrible food and smoked and rebelled against taking the medications the doctors prescribed.

So although I know some things about heart attacks, I couldn't accurately or completely answer all your questions. If you looked online about "MI" or "heart attacks" you would find more information than you could read in a lifetime. I'm sure this website could answer most of your questions (click on "Health Topics" at the top of the page) or google the terms and look for reliable places like Mayo Clinic or MedLine to help. Most of those are worded in such a way than even we non-medical types can understand.
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thank you for your response,,

but please if you know the full information about MI then please tell me like

cause of mi
precautions in mi
medical treatment of mi

how can be prevented mi
medicines of mi
possibility of man died
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MI is a shortened version of myocardial infarction. In other words a heart attack. Whether someone survives depends on how much heart tissue is damaged from the attack and whether another heart attack follows soon after the first one.

I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle. It's always a shock. Sometimes we get warnings about heart problems and can take the proper medications and change things in our life. Other times it strikes without warning.
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