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I am a 41 yr old woman with heart problems.  I take nitro pills and lisinapril and coreg and simvastatin.  I also take asprin, soma (for leg pain) I am on effexor xl celexa (mental health) what I would like to know is if any of these pills or a combination of any would make an alcohol blood test elivated. Please help, I dont know who else to ask
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The medication you refer to are drugs that relate specifically to the chemistry of which remodels blood vessel anatomy and heart rate and doesn't affect alcohol levels in the blood.  There may be an interaction that affects metabolism with coreg and has side effects.  

It is possible due to slow down metabolically that alchohol is retained in the system longer than normal and a higher level of alcholol is in the blood within a shorter time span with additional drinking and can quickly reach a dangerous level and dissipate slowly.  That would be a pharmacological question, and that is only my thought on the subject.
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thanks, I dont know whats going on with that.  
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Well, alcohol, elevates cholesterol levels, especially in that it ends up getting stored as sterol fats in the liver,; causing over time a fatty liver, and cirrhosis.
My suggestion would be that since statins, and blood pressure medications are processed by and subsequently tax the liver;is to consider in a more direct way that alcohol poisons the liver and makes it fatty. Your medications have been prescribed to help breakdown and eliminate the production of cholesterol and dilate your blood vessels. Alcohol ultimately constricts blood vessels, and increases dangerous cholesterol levels; my suggestion would be to stop, not lower but stop your alcohol consumption; otherwise your risk of liver damage will be synergistic , the combination of a statin or blood pressure medications with alcohol; is illogical and downright dangerous. Would you rather lower your cholesterol or double your chances of liver damage? Any drug is processed by, and therefore taxes the liver, the more medications the more difficult it is for your liver. However, as a former drinker with high cholesterol, I have found that my blood pressure and liver enzyme tests are far more normal than when I was drinking. Please consider what is most important to you, your health or your alcohol intake. Try to stop as soon as possible; if you do you'll find a new clarity of thinking, less weakness after drinking and overall you'll thank yourself.    
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