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throwing up and triggering A Fib

There have been times (including this moment) that I have been physicaly sick and seems to trigger Arrythmia. I've been to the ER and Doctor on more than one occasion. Typically  I'll give it a day or two and the arrythmia subsides (trying to do this now). What causes this and must I make the trip and take on another medical bill each time this occurs?

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I have read the expert forum's doctor in response to your questions, and there is some very good and he helpful information given to you regarding your condition and symptoms.  You are asking for medical advice when to see your doctor as related to when symptoms develop...your treating doctor is in the best position to answer the questions you have as (s)he has your health history, concomitant conditions if any, medication you may be taking, and a current workup on your health condition. You may be able to contact you doctor by telephone rather than taking a long trip...there may not ba any charge and you may be able to talk to a nurse...they can be very helpful...take care and thanks for the question.  I wish you well going forward.
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Thank you Ken
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I thought i might toss in my two cents too on this....you asked what caused the issue w. the heart issues vs. the vomiting and generally the answer is that when we vomit the vagal tone of our heart (the nerve that goes into our hearts) gets stimulated and sets off almost a vibration that can start a fibrillation on us.....but Ken is very right when he said that its up to your doc to make the call on when to head to his/her office or the E,R,....our vagal nerves are funny little things and can cause all sort of heart issues.....but to me it taking a couple of days for the heart issues to settle down is a little suspect to me and i would have my doctor probe a little further....good luck and Merry Christmas..................
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Thank you for your response Cindy. I made an appointment with my cardiologist today. Your two cents helped. Merry Christmas to you as well
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