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tiredness after exercise; increased/rapid heart rate

I'm a 31-yr-old female, a little overweight, with normal blood pressure and bloodwork.  Recently I've been exercising -- walking and starting to lift weights.  I started out with walking about 15 minutes a day.  After I walk (and really, during my walk) I get very, very burnt out.  I'm tired, sometimes I feel dizzy, most days I need to lie down afterwards.  When I go out and just walk around to do errands or whatever, the same thing happens -- I get very tired, sometimes I feel dizzy.  This has been going on for almost three months.  The tiredness also happens after weight-lifting, although to a lesser extent (but I only do one area of the body a day, about 10 minutes max).   I've exercised aerobically before (although I had stopped for a while this past year) and usually I experience a 'lift' when I'm done -- increased energy, a sense of well-being.  Not any more.

Also, in the last couple weeks my heartrate has increased.  I've to the doctor a lot this year -- had my gallbladder out and some other things.  My resting heartrate was always good, between 70-80.  When I went last week, it was 96.  And, throughout the day, it goes up to 120 at times -- without exertion (unless you call walking to the kitchen or brushing my hair exertion).  This morning it was 130 or so -- all I did was get out of bed and go to the bathroom. Sometimes I can feel my heart pounding in my chest or legs but most of the time I can't.

I have had an ECG and a stress test done last December -- I was having atypical chest pain and they just wanted to be sure it wasn't heart-related.  Everything was normal (the pain in my chest -- above my left breast -- still comes and goes; I think it's probably muscular).   The pain is not brought on by exertion -- that's why I said it was atypical.

I've been trying to do some research on my own but it's hard. My doctor's advice was to walk only three times a week because maybe I'm pushing myself.  I don't consider 15 minutes of walking 'pushing myself'.  And definitely my quality of life is suffering -- I have consider before I go out and do something whether I'm 'up to it'.  How ridiculous!  I'm thirty, not eighty.

Any advice/information you can provide would be great.  Thanks so much for your time!
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Dear Anne,

You need to listen to your doctors advice and not push yourself.  You are likely deconditioned and you may be a little over zealous with your exercise program.  Exercise at a slower pace for a little longer rather than pushing yourself to the point of exertion or exhaustion.  You will gain more in the long run and obtain better cardiovascular fitness.
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