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too much exercise?

after a heavy session aerobics and gym my blood pressure was 183/99 pulse 92. Can this damage my heart? I'm 85, one stent 2010, I can do 5kms bike and gym  and  be sick -  nausea, anxiety belly ache, body malaise, pre syncope, drop- down fatigue in the same day and cannot identify the cause. (these events can be in reverse order). Medicines: Rhythmol 150, Coreg 6.5, aspirin, levothyroxine .75, Crestor 10 alternate days. But how about that 183/99? (in 15 mins it was down to 122/71  p77. A Holter two months ago showed PSVT.  Am I asking for trouble trying to be an athlete??

(i mistakenly  put this in another forum eariler))

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The normal response to exercise is for your blood pressure to increase. I commend you for being as active as you are. I think most physicians and cardiologists would recommend you to continue to exercise and to only stop based on symptoms. Continuing to remain active is the best medicine.
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Thank you very much I am so pleased. I had a milder try today at 157/69  66
No problem.
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