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transient atrial fibrillation

I was admited to hospital 3days ago with atrial fibrillation my heart was 170 bpm, I was blacking out shaking vigoriously I was not in pain but had what apeard to me to be heartburn wich I have been suffering with latley. I had an urgent need for the toiled wich I could not hold back even though I was dissy and blacking out I just had to go It lasted at the same intensity for about 3hours when I was given medication to slow my heart. It slowed down after a futher hour. I have been sent home to wait for a referal to have a moniter fitted for 24 hours and a heart scan. I was very concerned I was going into heart falure, It was mentioned I had hypertention and they looked very concerned for me, I had 3 scans with did indeed pick up the fibrillation. my question is am I at risk while waiting for my next hospital appointment as I have been told it will 2 months. I have private health insurance should I see someone sooner.
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They should have started you on rate controlling medications, such as diltiazem or metoprolol as well. If this is the case then you are not likely to have such severe symptoms because your heart, even if it enters into atrial fibrillation will not be able to race as high. Additionally, depending on your age you should also be on either aspirin or coumadin for prevention of development of a left atrial clot which can be the cause for a stroke. If this is not the case then make an appointment to see a cardiologist in the interim, otherwise it may be alright to wait the 2 months.
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