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treadmill thalium stress test

I had a thalium treadmill stress test.  They ended the test only 2 minutes into the test.  They said my blood pressure went up and my heart rhythm spead up.  I wanted to know how high my bp went up to and how fast my heart rate went up.  It's the second test they cut short.  I have 2 enlarged chambers (which two I don't know), a triscuspid leak, 2 little leaks in my mitral valve and the prolapse.  What all does that mean?  I'm 61 and have high bp and diabetes on insulin.  It's like the doctors just want to tell you the minimum stuff but leaves you hanging.  Can you tell me anything?
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Your doc should tell you all the specifics of the test results...or ask for a copy of your records and the results.  If your doc isn't discussing these issues with you to your satisfaction.....time for a new doc.  This is important stuff.
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Terminate stress test when blood pressure or heart rate drops...hypertension - 220 systolic or 110 diastolic especially if headache or visual changes.  Patient has reached or exceeded the predicted maximum heart rate (need 85% nuclear 15-20 bpm over 85% for stress echo).  The above reates directly to your question regarding hpb and hr.

Other reasons:
Angina pain
Dyspnea, faint, fatigue
Muscular pain of arthritis and claudication
Patient looks vasoconstricted – pale and clammy

Trivial, mild, etc. valve leakage is considered medically insignificant.  Prolapse indicates the leaflets billows back into the atrium when under pressure and doesn't completely close when the left ventricle pumps and there is some back flow of the blood rather than being pumped into circulation.

It appears your left atrium (upper receiving chamber) and the lower chamber (left ventricle) may be enlarged.
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