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my father is a diabetics patient and has recently had a heart attack and he is having 04 blocks . there is no block in the main valve. The block are 80 and 90 %. doctor has recommended for ancheplasty.  Is it safe to do that? is there any chance for heart attack in future? please advice me?
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    Yes, with any blockage over 70% there is a significant risk of a heart attack. However, with anticoagulants the severity of MI events are reduced. With a heart attack, a blockage usually breaks open, releasing the material trapped in the artery lining. This causes a blockage further down the vessel. You then have the secondary problem, a clot forms where the breakage occurred. Aspirin or other anticoagulants help to prevent this second blockage, which causes most deaths.
Is Angioplasty safe? Everything in life has a risk, even walking down the street. Angioplasty is safe when you look at the statistics, in fact very safe. I would rather Angioplasty than open heart surgery because there is then a large risk for infection. With antibiotics no longer having the effects they used to have, I would rather a much less invasive procedure like Angioplasty.
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