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very very scared-heart attack? arrythmia?

Dear doctors, and everyone. I really hope somebody will be able to help me, as my life has been completely taken over by fear of death. I am 28 year old girl, I live in a foreing country, other than my home and I dislike it a lot. Regardless of this for as long as i was little (13-14 )I had felt that sometimes my heart doesn't beat regular. I never gave much importance to it as I got somehow used. But now, for the last 4 years things have changed and gotten worse. I have high blood pressure and I am taking medication for that every day. But besides that I have flutters and strange irregular beats all the time during the dAy. Many times I get dizzy spells, I get short of breath and my very fast beats. At nights it gets the worse. Many times I'm woken up by unbelievably fast and strong heartbeat, I can even see my chest moving. These times I really think that I will really die. They usually last around 5 minutes. After it goes back to its regular rhythm but as it does I keep shivering and I'm shakng as it was very cold. And another concern of mine is all these pains I'm feeling in my back, shoulder to arm, neck, jaw, head...wrists...upper stomach. They make me dizzy too. They are very sharp unpleasant pains. All these symptoms make my every days really miserable and sad. All I can think of when n where I will just fain n die. I have had many tests done, they have never noticed anything besides hypertension. I had a monitor on for 48 hours a month ago, but don't have results yet. I have sleepless nights and restless days. If anyone can help me with any advice I would really appreciate it. Thank you- Ursula      
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Thanks for sharing. All your symtoms described can be due to hyperthyroidsm.  Has that been ruled out?
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