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vibrating in upper right chest

I am a 54 year old white female, 205 pounds.  I am a wife,mother, and raising 4 grandchildren.  I am the nurse intake coordinator for a home health agency.  I have fibromyalgia,hypertension.  The last 2 days I have felt like there was a vibrating cell phone in a pocket on my upper right chest area, yet I don't have a pocket or a cell phone there!  There is not any pain, and my heart rate is 96.  It is not ongoing, but it is getting for frequent.  It scares me because I know there is not anything there to make my chest vibate/shiver.  Have you ever had anyone else say they've felt this way?  Should I see an MD?
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Not sure what that could be and haven't had anyone complain to me about that before, but to be sure, I would recommend a baseline ECG and then a Holter monitor to make sure this isn't some form of cardiac arrhythmia.  I am mostly concerned for an SVT including atrial fibrillation.  
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