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weaning off Metoprolol ER 50mg

I have been on metoprolol 25mg for two 1/2 years. Then my doctor put me on metoprolol er 50mg. I have been having shortness of breath and minor chest discomfort; i'm only 45 years old and i want off of this medication totally. Has anyone ever wean themselves off of this medication with no problems? If so, how did you do it? Any advise is helpful to me. Thank you.
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If your Doctor has doubled your dosage and to extended release, then I assume it was because your angina symptoms worsened?
Everyone has a limit with beta blockers and I had some bad experiences myself. My Angina worsened and I was just starting under a new hospital/cardiologist. He told me to double my Bisoprolol from 1.25mg to 2.5mg. A week later my symptoms were no different. Now, doubling a dosage should tell you that if there is no difference, it isn't working, but he said up the dosage to 5mg. The following day I was in hospital with a pulse of 30bpm and when I slept, it dropped to 23-25bpm setting off all the alarms. I felt terrible, chest pains and shortness of breath at rest and lots of headaches. I refused to let that cardiologist anywhere near me again, so they had to find me someone else. Since then, blockages in my arteries were stented and I was able to come off my beta blockers. I stopped them immediately, because nobody believed 1.25mg would cause a problem. WRONG. I had palpitations, and felt nauseous and found it very hard to breathe. My Doctor made me start them again. A second attempt was made where I took 1.25mg every two days for a month. Then every three days for another month. Then every 4 days for another month. I then stopped completely and was fine.
I would certainly not recommend you stop your beta blockers unless your Doctor says so. However I would ask questions, such as "it is obvious they are not helping my symptoms, so why aren't we looking at other options".
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Thank you so much.
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I was on Toprol XL 45 mg for 3 years and then on the generic Metoprolol Succinate for another 2. The cardiologist told me to stop it, I had shortness of breath and terrible night sweats. I cut them in half and did that for 10 days, then I took those half pills every other day for 10 more days and then I stopped. No ill effects.
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I thinks that's a great idea. I want my doctor to take me off of medication so that I can lower my own blood pressure through diet and exercise. I will talk to my doctor about the 10 day method. Hopefully she will agree with it. THANKS.
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I'd reconsider going off your beta blockers, and suggest you talk to your doctor about backing off the dose you are taking to your previous prescription.  There had to be a reason for increasing your dosage, and often there is a period when a beta blocker is increased that you don't feel very well until you  adjust to the medication level.
I'd suggest certainly mixing in a healthy diet, exercise as well as high blood pressure medication.  It worked for me.  I've gone from a diagnosis of Congestive Heart Failure to almost a normal heart function diagnosis, but it included a process of losing weight, a very careful diet but also a mix of beta and calcium blockers.  Keep us informed.
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