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weight loss after surgery

I have lost 15 lbs from my pre-double bypass surgery weight, half of which has been during the 7 weeks since the surgery.
.Is this normal?

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I my first gastric bypass in 1997 and lost 60 lbs from 260.  I never went below 200 lbs and keep it off for several years but could never understand why I didn't go lower.  My body really resist losing wt.  I started to gain last year, up 30 lbs.
I had an evaluation of my pouch and found that it was huge and empties rapidly. At the first the surgeon didn't want to do anything but wait 6 mo to see if I could lose some weight.  But after evaluating me records decided that he would do a revision and tighten and make the pouch smaller.  That was Feb. 28, 2011, 5 weeks ago.  Weight has not been falling off.  I have lost about 14 lbs and nothing for the last 2 weeks.  I am very frustrated after going through all this all over again.  I don't know what to do.  I am evaluating my diet and I have been excercising.  I don't think I am expecting to much.  The weight just wants to stay.  I do have a hypothyroid and take medications.  Does anyone have any suggestions that might work.
The only way I've ever been able to lose weight has been practically starving with less than 800 cal.
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ive lost twenty pouunds since my surgery on the 11th of feb 2011 is that normal to,i have a wound infection i am fighting also. I am on antibiotic ceflex one every six hours. I clean n pack it twice daily. It is just yukky to me. I feel like i smell like fish in the wound area but told this is to be normal it has only been three days since doctor took stiches out of the site at my belly button so the healing process can start...i think i am reading allot of horror stories on the net.....please anyone easzzz my crazy mind..JOY627
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