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what are my chances ?

If my grandmother(died at age 66) had an enlarge heart (mother ) side , and my dad has an enlarge heart with chf (age 55 diag. at age 47), and now my brother (age 34) has an enlarge heart i  dont know all of why he has one  but  what are my chances of developing an enlarge heart?
I was 3 months early , had pda with heart murmurs was in hosptal for 3 months on tubes of all sorts .
i am female age 34  i do have odd chest pains, GERD, and some panic attacks not all the time had maybe a few in 4 yrs . last one was about over a week ago. had these weird pain in my chest towards the left breast . it got a lil worse so i pulled over and i didnt feel right , so i paniced and started hyperventalating . that happen to me almost 4 yrs ago when i felt like i was gonna pass out i paniced and started hyperventalating .

Anyways i am just wondering do i need to be worried ,and get a baseline check up to make sure . or am i worring to much over nothing ?
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If you have a healthy life style, proper diet, exercise, etc. you can minimize the risk.  However, it may be a good idea to have periodic physical exams and establish a baseline for parameters of concern.  

Do the doctor's know what the underlying cause is for your brother heart enlargement?  It does seem quite young to have an enlarged heart...any alcohol, medication, poor diet, lack of exercies, etc.?

Thanks for your question and if you have any follow-up questions or comments you are welcome to respond.  Take care and you are doing the right thing to take an interest in your health even at your young age.
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Hello and thank you for your answer, He is over weight, of course we are all over weight, we have poor diets and yes we all lack exercise I am probley 40-50 lbs over weight . ive tried low carb, weight watchers,ect ide prob lose a few pounds and then get tired of it . i use to smoke (smoked since i was 13 yrs old on and off ) my brother smokes he also been smoking since he was 13 yrs old . now for meds i dunno if he takes any or not.
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It may be a good idea then to reduce your risk by following a protocol of good diet, proper weight, exercise, etc. especially if there is a predisposition for a heart problem.  
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The thing with heart disease is that it is treatable and can be controlled with diet, exercise and meds.  But above all of that I do believe attitude has a lot to do with it.  I have heart disease, it does not have me!  That's my attitude on this subject.  Take control of your life and body.  Make necessary changes. Work with your doctor and ask questions when you need an answer. Eat right. Exercise daily and get enough sleep.  Push stress completely out of your life.  Just because my dad died of heart disease at 59 doesn't mean I will.  Take care, Ally
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