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what does all this mean? (Abnormal myocardial perfusion)

This info is from my health notes: Study is consistent with a moderately Sized LAD territory infract pattern and significant peri - infract ischemia. Infract size accounts for 7% of the LV myocardium. Ischemia accounts for 15% of the LV myocardium. Mildly depressed LV systolic function, calculated LVEF is 47%
NOW, with that said what in the world does it mean? I have had 2 chemical stress tests, Echo cardiogram, Angiogram that did not require stents, and now I am going to have an MRI on the heart in July. I originally went to my doctor because I was feeling tired all the time, he hooked me up to an EKG and then sent me to my heart specialist. A few weeks before the EKG I woke up one night drenched in sweat, and mild chest pain and slightly dizzy all of which went away very quickly and at first I thought heart attack but since the symptoms went away fairly quickly did not go into the ER/Urgent Care. (Silly Me) What does all this information amount to? Oh also the doctor said something about one of the valves may not be working properly. currently taking COREG 6.25mg, COZAAR 25mg, LIPITOR 10mg, and a whole ASPIRIN 325mg daily.
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Yout left anterior depending artery has caused infarct ( necrosis) to some of your left ventricle 7%.  Also, there seems to be ischemia (lack of blood ala perfusion) in 15% of your left ventricle.  Your left ventricle is the side that pushes out o2 rich blood to your body.  Your right ventricle pushes out o2 poor blood to your pulmonary vasculature for gas exchange.  

Your lv ej is 47% meaning that the amount of blood your heart on the left is pushing out is slightly low.  Probably from the ischemia and infarct.

Typically we like to see ej at 55 to 70%.

But 47% is not bad.  When is you cardiac mri?  

What are their plans in terms of the coronaries?
MRI is mid July. I am guessing that this will tell me just how muck of my heart is damaged, or which valve is not working properly?
And as far as what they have done so far is in the original post. Meds and LOTS of doing NOTHING (Me that is). I was told NO exercise until told I can.
But as you can expect, after a month I am totally bored out of my mind and the laptop aint cutting it any more. I have started walking around my block (ONCE in the morning and evening). and walking around the store when the wife goes for groceries. Too much?
I've been sick for 3 years and am only 29 lol... As an a former nurse I don't really know how to stay still so I still do a lot more than I should lol.  But I wouldn't follow in my steps haha.

You can always entertain yourself by throwing marshmellows at healthy ppl hahahaha ;)
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