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what does impaired diastolic filling of left ventrical mean?

wondering what all of this means , im concerned about the results because i dont understand them and wondering if i need to look into this further with more testing ? and what is impaired diastolic filling .

here are my results ,

left atrium - borderline dialated
aortic valve - trileaflet aortic valve noted. trivial aortic regurgitation
mitral valve -trace mitral insufficiency
pulmanic valve - trace insufficiency
tricuspid valve - trace regurgitation

conclusions- normal left ventrical size and systolic function with impaired diastolic filling ,
no regional left ventricul wall motion abnormalties are seen.
estimated ejection fraction is >60%. trivial aortic regurgitation, and left atrium is borderline dialated.
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"She explained that diastolic disfunction is graded 1 through 5 with 1 being considered mild. Basically put, diastolic disfunction means that the hearts ability to fill is compromised. Most common causes are regurgitation from a valve or hypertension which left untreated it can cause the heart muscle to thicken and decrease the heart's ability to fill properly which will result in less blood being pumped on each beat.

One statement that my cardiologist made was that this is a relatively new diagnosis that is being used to excess. 28% of patients having echos done will show some level of diastolic disfunction."  You can do a google search to find more. That's what I did and I copied this from one of the searches.

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thank you for responding , i will check on that !
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