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what medicine control the blood cpk? age 23m?

my age is 23m? i have blood cpk value is 1000? what about this? any medicine about this?how to control? life rate?
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It may be indicative of a muscle problem or of a liver problem. I would suggest that you get a full metabolic panel workup and depending on these results you may need to see a genetic specialist or to have further imaging studies of your liver ( ultrasound) or muscle biopsies.
Very elevated levels of CPK can cause renal dysfunction and so the cause of the problem needs to be understood and treated fairly quickly. There are numerous genetic disorders, some of which are treatable  which can cause this level of elevation.
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malariya fever then coming  then this
first cpk total value 4000   year 2002
six months after cpk total is 2500    year 2002
one year after cpk total is 400   year 2005
after 5year at present cpk total is 1050   year 2009
what i can do? how it is change? any solution ?
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