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what risk level am I for heart disease?

I have a concern about the level of risk I have for heart disease. I was diagnosed with coronary endothelial dysfunction 1 year ago after many episodes of chest pain radiating to back and left arm. My EKG, etc were ok but we did a cardiac cath due to the symptoms and a family history of heart disease. No blockages, EJ of 40% in the cath lab. This was later told to me that now was being calculated at 50%. I have total cholesteral of over 475 without treatment, with Crestor down to 280. I am slightly overweight,smoke heavily and have trouble with my blood sugar {hypoglycemia} but no diabetes at this time. My family history is hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, and sudden cardiac death of both parents-mom at 59 y/o and dad at 60 y/o. My younger brother has CHF, has had CABG x4 and now has a stent placed. He also has diabetes and high cholesterol. I am 40 y/o female, past history of TAH, gestational diabetes x3, and above mentioned chest pain,etc. I currently take Crestor, fish oil, ASA, and Prinivil. I have NTG for episodes of chest pain. What are my chances of also developing the cardiac problems that seem so prevalent in my family? Thanks for any input you can give me
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There are multiple calculators online to determine what your 5 and 10 year risk for coronary heart disease.  

If you type in 'framingham risk calculator'  in your yahoo search engine, you can find them and calculate your risk of having a myocardial infarction.

I can tell you that aside from your risk of a heart attack, you are at a very high risk for mutiple health related complications including stroke, lung cancer, chronic lung disease and frank diabetes.

There is no excuse for you to continue to smoke. It will raise your risk of a frank heart attack over 5-8 times your risk in the next 10 years.

You need close followup with an internist and I would also have you see a preventive cardiologist.  Modifiable risk factors to continue to need improvent include weight, exercise, blood pressure and your lipids.

its time to start taking better care of yourself. smoking is the first step.
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Hi im not a doctor, but he will post later.

I would say that your at pretty high risk because of you family history, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

You say that you smoke heavily so i suggest that you quit now and do aerobic exercises daily for about 45-60 minutes to bring your heart health up and lose the weight. You need to be more aware of your heart and health.

Good luck!
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My opinion is that you are at very high risk for a Heart Attack. First, you need to quit smoking and get your weight under control and maybe consult with a dietician to make sure you are eating all healthy foods (fruits and vegetables). Your family history alone puts you at an increased risk of CAD. The Crestor has helped your cholesterol some but you need better lipid control. Your doctor may end up maximizing the crestor dose and add another drug to compliment the effects of the Crestor. I am not a doctor and this is just my opinion and it is not to be confused with medical advice that you should only get from your own doctor.
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I completely agree with the first two comments here. I'm not a medical professional in any way, shape or form, but what you spelled out about your situation is alarming. Quit smoking, modify your diet, strong lipid control, etc...all vital.

Your family history alone should motivate you to get your act together and regain some level of decent health. Just my uniformed two cents, but your risk factors sound substantial.

Take care and Good Luck.
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that should be "uninformed."
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