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whats the best way to wean off toprol xl

what is the best way to wean off ,of toprol xl  beta blocker medication.  iv been on it for 2yrs now and I dont like its effects at all.  been to 2 doctors and they refused to take me off it ? or change it to another medication. I was put on this med for palpitations that come and go. and high blood pressure
that wont drop down easy at times!  my ekg tests over the years have been normal and had stress tests done , again normal ? why then toprol xl ?? as I was first on atenenlol and had less problems other than I couldnt sleep well.  I was in a hmo plan and now switched to a top rated ppo plan open access type.  in hope's for better care and services, as yet sos !!  I understand there is a new blood pressure medication approved by the fda with less side effects!  but cant remember its name ?

does anyone know of a good or half good beta blocker or b.p med that has less side effects than toprol has..  so far I counted over 35 side effects , including some real bad ones ..
I have alot of problems with side effects and have allergic reactions to generic drugs due to the fillers
they use in the pills.  
it just seems no matter where I go for help, hmo or ppo plans  Im going in circles  and getting nowhere at all..  meantime I suffer daily from unwanted side effects.. some so bad its caused harm to my bodie..  is it really worth it ?  I dont know ?  im at a loss for now.  
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I had a really bad reaction to Toprol as well.  But it is very important to not just take yourself off meds without a doctor's help or advice.  You can get very bad rebound effects.  They switched me to Carvedilol (Coreg) for a while, before taking me off that as well. But I did not have high blood pressure, which can be dangerous if untreated.   I had much less side effects on that Beta Blocker (the Coreg), but it's still a beta blocker. And even so, it might not be the best one for you.  I think toprol, of all the betas probably has the most side effects.  Keep pushing your docs, there are other beta blockers with less side effects.
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thank you for repsonding so quick. I belive your totaly right! about Toprol xl being the one beta blocker with more side effects , than others have.  I will ask about Coreg (carvedilol )
as I never have tryed that one before.  might work ?  worth a shot !   im very aware of h.b.p and not being on something to keep it down. its just very hard to find a hmo or even ppo doctor that will work with me.  and switch meds. I am at a loss to figure why they put me on this medication toprol xl , as from what I read, its used most for people with heart failure ? I dont have heart failure and last tests show I dont ? maybe its money
bonus pay they get ??  hate to think that but can happen!!  sure wracks my brain !!

thanks again for the reply back  nomoe
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