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whats wrong with my heart

ive sufferd sever axiety in the past in my 20s, im 39, and bits come and go ere n there  i suffer sleep apnea, and a new thing thats been bugging the hell out of me and keeping me from a full nights sleep.
i feel like my heatts thumping and trying hard like its tired, not just while i sleep but its wotse when i am sleeping. i cut down smoking so much i have a few puffs a day havent had a whole smoke in about 4 mnths now.i have fibronyalgia. i also keep feelibg pressure in my chest and neck its been buildibg up from my 20s. any help
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Can't really say for sure as we're not doctors but your thumping sensations could be simple PVC's which are more noticeable when lying down. If you have a changing heart rhythm along with pressure in your chest you need to see your doctor, please don't put it off.

Good luck.
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ive recently had bloods done but feel it may come back clear...
You may want to ask your doctor for an Echo, that would help determine the importance of your heartbeats. Not sure blood tests will show much about your complaints.
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