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why can't I get any answers

I have sever right leg below the knee and foot swelling with extreme pitting. I have shortness of breath and a really bad wet cough .I have fainted a few times with no explained reason. I have a irregular heart beat and have a loop recorder implanted. One heart specialist said I had ventricular tachycardia I had a nuclear stress..all the tests EKG ,Echo and more I dont remember..and He then sent me to a heart rhythm specialist  who did a EkG and said he wanted to do a heart cath and possible defibrillator or a Loop recorder. He implanted a Loop Recorder. I was told the heart cath was fine as were all my other tests. None of the Dr's will address my edema which is why my general practitioner sent me to heart specialist in the the first place.So now I sit because I cant walk very far because shortness of breath and lower back pain. My chest has these electrical current episodes that are so painful but nothing shows up on my Loop Recorder so it is not heart related. I have almost everyday episodes of pain that feels like someone is stretching my heart and pinching .but yet everything is fine..I have no clogged arteries nothing is blocked according to the heart cath. So my question is why am I so tired..gaining weight..cant exercise, leg and foot swelling but yet everything is fine ?
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Just because nothing showed on the test does not mean you are not having cardiac issues. One big problem with doctors and tests is that they don't see what we do or go through in our NORMAL daily routine. Like a car that doesn't act up when you take it to the mechanic. Is the foot swelling just the right leg or both? If just the right you may have a circulation problem in that leg causing pain and swelling. Be on the look out for redness and warmth that may indicate a clot. A plugged/sluggish lymphatic system can cause swelling as can poor circulation. If you have vericose veins/spider veins this si a symptom of incompetent vein valves which can lead to swelling. Pitting edema is caused by extra fluid in the tissues. Some causes are heart, kidney and liver problems, too much salt, low albumin. Some women are just more prone to unknown cause of edema. Usually heart conditions, mainly congestive heart will cause swelling in both legs. Are you on diuretics to remove excess fluid? A restricted salt/ sodium intake diet?
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