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why do i throw up and pass out when i stand too long

When i stand for over 15 minutes i start to get dizzy, my heart races, i get a headache, my nose runs, my ears plug, my feet itch, and then i start to feel like im going to puke and then i do. after i puke a few times i pass out. i am 21 years old and this has been hapening to me for as long as i can remember. i have been to several different doctors and no one can figure out what is wrong with me. my ekg is normal. and i have had many different tests that have all come back normal. some doctors tell me to drink more water and eat more salt but it doesn't help. i was just wondering if anyone knew what this was.
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It could be your spine.  Here is a website to read http://www.newslettersdelivered.com/newsletter_preview_print.asp?id=804&uid=888

A chiropractor can adjust your spine.  T7 is the vertabae that the nerves lead to your stomach.  I have trouble myself with this vertabae as mine is deformed due to scheuermanns disease.  I threw up every day for a year before I got help from my chiropractor who I worked for.  It took a year to make my back better so it is not an overnight fix.  The thoracic part of a back is the hardest to fix.  It will take some time, but you will feel so much better.  
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well i've fainted before when i was in greece and my dad is former doctor and he said this which suprised me "It sounds like you may be suffering from something called vasovagal syncope. In essence, what this means is that certain stimuli (in your case, vomiting) cause you to faint."

IT did help though i know how it feels espeacially when i am on my period its nasty i get •acnebloating fatigue backaches•headaches•diarrhe•mood swings THEN THE NIGHTMARE I THROW UP but its something we all have in common i hope this helps your not alone

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It sounds as if you have a form of dysautonomia, ( maybe POTS)
Postural orthostatic  tachycardia syndrome.
U might want to go and get a tilt table test .
Ckeck out our forum under dysautonomia , it is very good,and very informative.
Drink a lot of water and gatorade 2 , you might want to use compression hose, increase salt intake, avoid standing in place, avoid heat and hot showers, avoid caffeine ( including sodas ,coffee ,etc) and you might feel better, there are meds that you could take to make you retain fluids etc,etc
You can find a cardiologist or neurologist that treats dysautonomias,( they are hard to find)
Good luck
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Thank you so much for posting on my problem. I looked up pots and I have a lot of the same symptoms. I didn't have health insurance but just recently my sister told me about a free clinic so I went there and they gave me a referral to a cardiologist and it turns out o do have pots. They gave me beta lockers for it and told me to drink lots of water and gatorade and eat salt. It was only 4 days ago I found all this out so I'm not totally sure how the medicine is working yet but I am so excited to finally be able to have a name for my problem and have doctors working on trying to fix it. I am so thankful that you took the time and cared enough to give your opinion thank you so much
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