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wolff-parkinson-white syndrome

hi, im 21 years old and i felt my heart suddenly beat stronger that i can feel it. also, i gasp for some air afterwards. there would be 3-4 strong beats and then goes back to normal. it frequently happens after i ate some food and when i'm tired. when i listened to it on a stethoscope, i head my heart beat and then paused for a second then continue beating..what could this possibly mean?

last year i had an ecg and the result was wolff parkinson white syndrome is to be considered. is it conclusive that i have that disease?

i have not consulted to any cardiologist after seeing my ecg results. i'm afraid to know about my real condition.

hope u can help me...thanks...
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Hi there,

The irregular beats that you experience and have heard, are PAC's or PVC's.  It is very common and actually extra systolic beats that we experience as pauses or missed beats.

WPW syndrome is an abnormal electrical pathway.  With this disease you will have resting heart rate of 200+ and sudden attacks that comes and goes with or without treatment, eating or sleeping.  I was in ICU on a few occasions and one day I had SVT attack while I was sleeping and they took recording on ECG to my Cardio.  In 2007 I did get some tests done through a Electrophysiologist (Cardiologist that Specializes in electrical issues) and he diagnosed and treated it and I had Mapping and Cardiac Ablation done to treat SVT's due to WPW.  It was a success.

If you only experience the irregular heartbeats, it is not WPW related.

Hope the info helps.
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thanks for the info. it really helped. :)

now, i still have normal number of heartbeats in a minute. i'm just curious how old were you when you started to have this resting heart rate of 200+?
at what age does it usually manifest?

also, i have seen in my ECG results that it has a delta wave which is a characteristic of a WPW syndrome..

hmm. is it only through surgery that it can be treated?

thanks for reading.
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The heart rate of 200 or more is not constant but can come in spurts. My episodes of 200+  used to last up to 15 minutes or so. These spurts would come randomly with no warning. I did not have WPW, but SVT with a different origin. It sounds like what you're experiencing are PVCs. But if you have WPW, then why not have an electrophyisiology study and ablation? The procedure is not a big deal and I "woke up" wondering if it had even happened. I was worried going into the procedure but realized it was much ado about nothing. The Doc told me that WPW was probably the easiest to fix and it will alleviate so much future anxiety.
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