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worried about a disase

I'm scared could you tell me elevated st.segment in v1 and v2 is a sign of brugada I'm not getting no symptons just my EP doc. said he doesn't think I have it but he wrote on the notes I have slightly elevated in v1 and v2 mild case of brugada so confuse
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It is true that ST segment elevation is seen in some but not all cases of Brugada syndrome.  It is not true that all ST elevation in V1-V2 is related to Brugada syndrome.  If there is concern, a simple test by giving a sodium channel blocker and following for EKG changes can confirm the diagnosis.  Other factors like family history of sudden death or changes in the degree of ST elevation are sometimes helpful.  Brugada syndrome usually does not cause symptoms until the time of a dangerous arrhythmia, so absence of symptoms doesn't help the work up.  Ask your doctor about testing with a sodium channel blocker to assess the diagnosis.

I hope this helps.  Thanks for posting.
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I'm going to boston brigham women hostpal I called my EP doc. cause I wanted to make sure I'm ok. He will not talk to me so I'm going to brigham women hostpal make sure I'm ok. cause I'm scared of this. He wants me to get help with my anxiety. I understand I have anxiety but it is scary unknown if I have this or not. I know the first ekg shown elevated st. segment the second one didn't show any signs of it. I'm so SCARED
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sorry one more quiestion I forgot to add can you have 1 ekg st. segment elevated and another ekg with no sign of brugada syndrome  I'm just scared I'm hoping brigham women hostpal will give me more answers in a couple of weeks. Should I get appt. sooner there or wait 2 weeks cause I'm so SCARED If I have this and I gonna go in dangerous arrthymias. I can't eat, sleep , I just cry everyday cause I'm scared. my first ekg came out st. segment elevated and I got another one 2 months later and it came out normal. I'm so SCARED
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Make sure that you take the EKGs with you to  BGW -- it will help them immensely to be able to see what you are concerned about.  It is possible to have changes in the ST segments in V1 with brugada syndrome, but EKG lead position changes between EKGs can also change the way leads look. I can understand that you are scared. It is probably reasonable to get help with your anxiety as well.   Good luck.
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I'm sorry for asking you quiestions what is a mild form of brugada?
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sinus rhythm rate 80                         Can you tell me what you see readings
Accelerated av conduction
rightward axis                                         scared its brugada?
rsr v1 and v2
consider left atrial enlargement

normal p axis rate
pr<120 ms, v-rate<100
QRS axis 91-100
pv1-.10 mv or more negative

pr 106
QT 379
QTc 437

p   55
qrs 92
T 57
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I talk to my cardologist and he said mild form  case of brugada it's not a clear case of brugada. What does he mean by that? he is not sure
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I can see how it frightens you but Burganda Syndrome is rare and happens more often in Asians. But even with it, it does not mean that you're gonna drop dead anytime now. There is NO way to predict if it will happen to you or not.

Your anxiety also needs to be dealt as well. Your mental health is a lot more important than you realize. Please see a psychogist or a psychiarist to deal with your fears. You don't need that kind of stress at all.

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I know my anxiety is very bad Im going to brighams women hostpal friday so my mind will be  eased there not sure if I have this or not that is why Im worried your right brugada is very rear. ill let you know friday what they said.
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what is a sinus rythym with a short pr?
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