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worried about brugada

I'm so worried cause I have ST.segment elevated in V1 and worried about about brugada cause I read  about brugada snd it is scary I have  high anxiety this is making me worst. can someone help me  I can't sleep cause Brugada you can go in sudden cardiac arrest I do have a borderline ekg my ekg said this

sinus rythym rate 80                    normal p axis rate
Accelerated AV conduction              pr <120 mS, v-rate >100

Rightwardward axis                     qrs axis 91 to 110
Rsr v1 or v2
Consider left atrial                    enlargement                                                                                                                         p v1- .10 mv or more negative

pr 106  qrsd 95  qt 379   QTC 437    p 55 qrs 92 T  57            Please help me Rachael                                    
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Maybe try and post your questions on the Brugada Support Group website
Good luck
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Brugada Syndrome is a fairly newly recognized cause of SADS, you could try the SADS website or the Brugada Support Group. You might find some answers there.
I believe the one in the US is www.sads.com the Canadian one is www.sads.ca.
I would also try to get an appointment with an Electrophysiologist, they are much better at recognizing electrical problems of the heart than just a regular cardiologist.
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Brugata is not neccessarily diagnosed on ECG. Some ECG changes are suggestive of it but sometimes you can have normal ECG but inducable in EP lab.
If you don't have family history of SCD or history of syncope it is quite unlikely.
But if you are concerned go and see an EP doc and show him you ECG.

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This is why my anxiety is so high I faxed a ekg to a ep I don't even no I met him online he said brugada so my anxiety got higher so I went to a ep in person and he did one ekg and then another one told the nurse to put the two notches up  then he compared it and said I don't think you have brugada  so I'm going back in 3 months for another ekg. I hope I didn't confuse you. should I be worried?
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No, you are quite clear. ECG may be suggestive of Brugada but that does not mean you have it. It is a very rare disorder. If the EP thought you may have it, talk to him about trying to confirm with ECG after administration of specific medications .... see more about the diagnosis of Brugada at
http://www.brugada.org/   ....
If he 'leaves you hanging' and not ruling in or out the diagnosis ask for second opinion. It never hurt.......

Try not to worry (easy said than done,  I know) but beside an ECG you have no other features.
Also, people who are diagnosed with Brugada and get AICD have very good outcome.
I hope that helps. Best of luck

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I looked at the site of Brugada.  I only been told that I've wpw.  Aside with wpw, ECG shows PAT & RBBB before ablation and pacemaker.  After the pacemaker, I don't know...  All I knew was the Dr lied on me.  He said put the pacemaker in then I don't have to take medicine but it was only effective for 3 days.  After 3 years, I had a His bundle ablation.  Until now they told me I still have wpw and my fourth pacemaker.  Apart as I know wpw, ER Dr also mentions that I've LBBB, AT, AF and ST.... I saw all these, which is Brugada got too!  My cardio said, LBBB, AT,AF and ST ...  the whole lot is called wpw.  Brugada is that part of wpw too?  Or wpw would be part of the Brugada?  
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what is the readings of brugada on a ekg?
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