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can anyone put my mind at rest  i know it may seem stupid but  i have had parexml atrial fibralation about 7 years . and have read so  much my heart is structurally fine other wise but my biggest worry is them turning perman ent . i have read that it is unusual unless heart desease and after so long but like today i have got them again  but i only had some last friday, i seem to know when i will get them , it was after walking in the heat, today i jus had an idea i was going to getb them and on they came caan i bring them on with thought process, they are getting me so worried i keep thinking if i get them this regular thy will turn permanent a dread i have ha snayone else had them so near. to each other on occassion it has been  very hot today and i was out a while i seem to get them if i have done quite  bit in a day, but i jusr know  so on thy come, is it me , aswell causing them , i get so scared i dont iwant them to  rule my life again i some time s if i dont think about them if i have othere= things going on i dont get them i can go amonth without then other times maybe 2 weeks  is it me i would appreciate anyon can put my mind at rest.
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I suggest you post your question also in the heart rhythm section. There are some real experts there who probably are able to give you some helpful answers.
Good luck!
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after years of suffering with an irregular heart rhythm palpitations, i was diagnosed about 7 year with parexml atrial fibralation, which i  get about once a month or can get one aftre the other depending on what i eat or drink fruit drinks etc or anyhtting setting my adrenalin off i have an episode but my fear is the them turning permanent and i am fed up reading  different.stories some say that the ones with no  heart problem do not turn ppermanent vagul i think it is, some times another will say. usually within a year and conneted to heart problems , then it will say 5 years , i really hate them so much and everytime i get an eppisode now o make them worse with this fear , they wont stop. its awful so what is correct do they turn pwrmanent after all this time  aand no heart proble, its annoying different things in fact i was always told for years that a palpitation is an irregular heart beat, full stop and was even told frequently it was just anxiety then suddenly the irregular one is af, even a frien of mine who works at the hospital 30 years has the same people with palps irregular and just anxiety now af even she doesnt know why, palps have always been irregular and connected to stress,
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