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wpw drug and pregnancy

Hi, on Tuesday sept 24th I got a bad episode of fast heart beat, SV due to WPW syndrome and the doctor put me on medication which I started as of yesterday. Metoprolol 50 ml 1x day, I have not noticed any change yet but my question is, what is the harm for an unborn baby using metoprolol? I am not pregnant but we are planning to have our 2nd child.
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FDA assigns class C to metoprolol for use in pregnancy.  Class C refers to the class of drugs  that should be used only when the benefit outweighs the risk in pregnancy.
To directly answer your question-  there are no controlled human studies to tell you the effect/ adverse effect of metoprolol in pregnancy.
Although metoprolol  readily  crosses the placenta, there are  no signs of beta blockade (low heart rate, blood pressure)  reported in the fetus.

I recommend that you discuss the plans of conception with your doctor,  so that he can closely monitor your condition.
clearly,  you do require a great control medication for supraventricular tachycardia,  as uncontrolled heart rate might pose a greater risk to your pregnancy.

Hope that helps

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