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17 y/o, cardiac enzyme level 436

Help, please! last week i was admitted to hospital for severe chest pain, loss of consciousness, and acute breathing difficulties. CT scan and echo-cardiogram results indicate it wasn't a heart attack (phew!), the doctors wrote it off as myocarditis since my cardiac enzyme levels were at 436 (and climbing steadily!), secondary to an event or virus spread to my heart, who knows! but they weren't keen on labeling it as Myocarditis as it usually occurs once, lasts for a while and only in very rare cases does it spring up again. but this isn't the first time i have had this happen, and I'm almost certain it wont be the last. they said if the pain persists then i am to "grin and bear" it and try my best to not come back to A&E, and instead go to see my GP about it. the next available appt. i could get for my GP was next week. in the mean time the pain persists, can anyone offer any advice or share their experiences please?
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