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25 with Left ventricular hypertrophy

High bp caused Me to develope moderate LVH(left ventricular hypertrophy) at an early age. I was diagnosed 3 years ago, I am now 25 years old. I've played sports through high school, I still workout and play pick up basketball. I've been on meds since diagnosed with the exception of finding the right meds. Everywhere I look it treats Lvh as a death sentence...one site said 70% of patients font live 5 years after being diagnosed....I'm 6'2 240 but I have a decently muscular body style. My bp runs about 142/70 on average, I do get skipped beats sometimes that take my breath(scary) but I try to shake them off now since there not very frequent. My doctor never says a whole lot, he just said I'm not at any risk for sudden death in the near future. How dangerous is LVH? What is the success rate? Am I looking to possibly getting heart failure in 10 yrs?...it worrys me because I'm trying to have a family some day soon and see them grow up. If anyone can please shed some light on LVH in this post so I can have more knowledge about success with the disease or of its pretty much death sentence
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As you said, your high bp caused the LVH, the focus of treatment has to be on lowering your bp.

With 142/70 your systolic is a bit high but probably not so high that it could cause further progression of your LVH. A lower systolic pressure would be preferable, though.
LVH is often reversible when the cause (high bp in your case) is taken away.
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Thanks ger, have you know anyone personally that has had LVH? Everywhere I look they act as if I'm going to die a lot sooner with lvh
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Actually I do. My mother had a problematic aortic valve that finally had to be replaced. She developed LVH from the condition.
Now, 10 years later, (she is now 87 years old) her LVH has improved over the years.

Do not let this LVH take control of your life. Of course LVH and what caused it are risk factors but with that you can not predict the life expectation on the individual level.  Perhaps, like my mom, in 60 years you will still be walking this earth.
God bless.
Thanks Ger very true. I need to take what I have and work at getting better. I may have to switch meds or increase dosage again to level out my bp. Hope all is well I'll try and stay positive. God bless
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