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Afib, Pvc, Pac?? Help!

I am a 38 year old Female. I have been getting weird heart beats since my early twenties. I took my pulse with them a few times. It starts off feeling like a quiver/flutter, thuds, beats really fast (normal rhythm, I think) for a few beats then goes to completely normal. It always catches me off guard so I usually dont even get to my pulse on time (that is how short they are). Sometimes it causes me to gasp for air, eventhough I can breath. I am kind of used to them now but it still sends me into the start of anxiety attack. I only get them here and there. Probably not even more than one or two a month. Sometimes it is longer between episodes, like several months.  I have no other symptoms. Never passed out or felt like I was going to. No shortness of breath. No dizziness. No pain, sweats, chills or nausea. Everytime I google it, it takes me to Afib or Ventricular Tachy. I have no health insurance until Jan 1. And have an appt on Jan 14 w/ a cardiologist. I am just so freaked out!! I hope I dont have a stroke or anything :( Anyone else with the quivering/fluttering heart?
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Don't worry, that is pretty common. I have the exact same thing and my rhythm usually gets back to normal before I can get a pulse. These are most likely a short run of PVC's. Without symptoms you should be fine but don't let the lack of insurance keep you from seeking medical help if you start getting chest pain or shortness of breath when this happens.
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Hey have you always had the PVC or you get after your heart problems

I have pacs and they seem to be worse and last longer as I get older, dr says no worries your heart is good, echo, stress test this year said Alls good, just feels not good when it's fliping around
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My Pvc/pac gets worse with stress. Or panic/anxiety attacks for sure. The other one just happens suddenly for no reason, really. Out of the blue. I go to the cardiologist tomorrow @10 am. My first visit...can anyone tell
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Did you figure out what it is? I’m experiencing the same thing.
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