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Am I going to be ok because of my heart palpations?

Ok so I'm having severe heart palpitations when I lay down and sleep why is that and hearts burn I can't even sleep well because I start having shortness of breath onece I start closing my eyes trying to sleep and my heart starts pounding is this deadly I'm afraid it's been happening more lately could it be meds I'm on abilify also idk help guys and I get sleepy but now I can't thanks to this
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Do you have any prior cardiac history ? Have you had a cardiac work up before ?
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No I haven't I'm 21 years old
May be just anxiety if you are a little tightly wound up it’s probally just that. I would try breathing control to bring down your heart rate.  Make an appointment with your primary care doctor or a cardiologist and get a work up they can give you a ekg and echocardiogram to rule out anything cardiac but you are a young guy I wouldn’t stress it too much at your age it’s something that would be congenital and would have already been picked up over the course of your life at a young age
Have you had panic attacks before ?
Do they have medications for this?
I suggest go to see a cardiologist or good internal medicine doctor that knows cardiac stuff well and get a check up and yes you can get medication to control anxiety such as lexapro , Zanax etc.... it will keep you from over thinking stuff and panicking
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I have had this happen. I was recently diagnosed with POTS. Postural Tachycardia Syndrome. Look into it. Hope you are better.
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