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Aortic Valve replacements/General Heart Problems

Hello ,

I am currently a high school student. I am in a class titled Independent Studies and Mentorship where I get to research a topic of my choice. The main focus of this program is to develop and create a product, contributing to the work force, through advanced and in depth research.

My topic revolves around aortic valve replacements and doctor patient communication. I have noticed that many people often feel like they need a second opinion on their condition because their health care provider may not have provided an  answer sufficient enough for the patient. I am currently focusing on ways doctor patient communication can be improved so patients feel reassured when they leave after their visit. One of the key factors to that is understanding what patients think and feel about their visits to the doctor or cardiologists.

To whom it may concern, can you please take a few seconds to describe your opinion as a patient on what needs to be improved, in which ways did they not meet your needs as far as you being able to understand your condition and the different treatments available and why.  

Thank you !
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My mother had aortic valve replacement in 2000. There was not much discussion at that time about necessity, because it was obvious she needed help and as she was in a major heart specialized hospital, no one considered asking for a second opinion. She got a pig valve. Operation went well (she got 3 bypasses as a bonus) and she is still among us (age now 85).
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You might get some help on the heart disease or rhythm communities.  

For me I can say for a mitral valve repair In think my cardiologist did a good job, when he referred me to a surgeon, a second opinion, he said if I didn't get the mitral valve repaired, I could expect to see a slow death (est 5 yr) due to increasingly serious congestive heart failure.   I had the valve repaired in 2007, and still going strong.
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