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Cardiolite stress test

Went into ER the other night because I'm tired of nightly chest pain. Was there 5 hours, got a complete cardio workup, chest xray, ekg, blood, etc and went home with everything normal. However, because I was diagnosed with Mitral Valve Prolapse in 1992 and take a beta blocker for premature ventricular beats, I have been scheduled for a nuclear cardiolite rest/stress test in a few days. I have looked this up and it appears to be very painful and scary. I don't want to do it. I am a 62 year old female. Anyone had this done?  PS: was treated for silent reflux in 2013.
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I have had many nuclear stress tests, none were painful, time consuming, yes, painful, no.

I don't know about the 'cardiolite" part, that may be the name of the radioactive chemical used.
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The painful part is the needle injection, but minor, the rest of the test is a piece of cake.  I've had at least a dozen, enough that the administrator and I can hug and talk about our families.  Cardiolite is the nuclear part, it leaves the body in a big hurry if you drink fluids and will be helpful to determine if you have blockages.  Procede with great confidence, it will simply give you answers.  
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