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Dr. Budwig's- Cottage Cheese and Flaxoil mixture

I have read and heard about Dr. Budwig's protocol regarding cancer and heart disease. Are there any studies done on this mixture of cottage cheese, flaxoil, flaxseeds, berries? If yes. Where can I find this infomation?
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The Budwig diet is mainly composed of flaxseed oil and cottage cheese with restrictions on eating animal meats, butter and sugars. Some holistic health enthusiasts believe that cancer patients are deficient in essential lipids that cottage cheese mixed with flaxseed can replace. The scientific journal “Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift” published a study in 2012 that determined that cancer diets, such as the Budwig, diet do not cure cancer and can have adverse health effects. However, both cottage cheese and flaxseed oil can be implemented into a balanced diet in healthy or sick individuals because of the nutrient-rich content in the foods.
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