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Hello...I am Mark...age 51 (just) I had a massive heart attack last Sunday ...i had a stent inserted.... the heart attack came as a shock to not only me but everyone who knows me. I go to the gym every day and eat very healthy...fish..lean meats..all protein protein protein... .little alcohol...I DID smoke..15 cigarettes a day (NOW STOPPED) My gym is my baby...I lift heavy weights...and i am very self disciplined with diet and exercise...i have a very positive mental attitude  The hospital says that my other arteries are diseased / have narrowed ....but do not need intervention at this point...my father had a triple bypass many years ago and my older brother had the same operation as me 6 months ago. So...my question is....will I be able to lift weights again and get back to my normal routine in the gym ...also...i am on beta blockers which reduce your sex drive.....how long will i have to stay on these?? As right now...everything the hospital are saying to do...I might as well sit in the corner and wait for the Grim Reaper lol
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I think you'll do better posting on the "Heart Disease" community...perhaps you have.

I have been on beta blockers for many years, and have not noticed any problem with interest in sex, I think the impact on sex drive is not universal and will also depend on the does level you are taking.  Anything 50 mg and under are low does in my opinion.  I never had a problem at the 50 mg level.

I think BB may cause some fatigue, but it doesn't affect my mental interest in most of life's physical and mental activities.

You need to talk with your doctor about the level of exercise you can engage in, especially any power lifting, that puts a focused strain on the heart, I understand.

Seems it "runs in the family" and the only thing you can do it take whatever action give you the best chance at ongoing healthy living, your healthy life style should be a help

Good luck.
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