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Has anyone experienced an abnormal heart rate with normal tests? What could this be?

So I have been experiencing heart issues for about three months now. Let me start with saying that I am a 20 year old, active girl. It started when I had an emergency room visit due to sickness. I was sick for a month and was not getting better. The emergency room staff noticed that my heart rate was over 130 bpm and the lowest it was the whole time there was 110. They did a test and saw that when I went from sitting to standing it went from 150 bpm to 190 bpm. They also saw that on my ekg that I had inverted P waves at rest. I went to a cardiologist about a month ago, and performed a stress test, ecg, and had to wear an event monitor for a month. Well I went back to the doctor two weeks ago and he still couldn't find a diagnosis to my fast heart rate. My heart is always fast, even at home so I know that the heart rate isn't due to anxiety from doctor or hospital settings. I was diagnosed with POTS, but I was wondering if anyone ever experienced this. I go to an Arrhythmia specialist in a month but I've been worried sick with getting zero answers. What can this be? Thank you.
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