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Orthostatic hypotension.... Or nah?

Hi. My cardiologist told me that I have orthostatic  hypotension. That was about.... 3 weeks ago. 4 weeks before that, my doctor told me to drink 2 liters of sports drink every day for 2 weeks. I did so for a month, because it seemed to be working. I thought it would go away. When I stood up, every time, I would see stuff in my vision that made it impossible to see, numbness in certain places, ringing in my ears, etc. but after 3 weeks of the sports drink drinking, it only reduced the effects. I still drink one liter a day. Why do I have this? I'm never dehydrated, I drink a lot of water (not kidding). Why does this keep happening, how can I make it go away, and when will it stop? Or is it even OH? If you need further info, plz ask in the comments, and I will try to answer. I want to know.
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I did a search on this group of communities and found the following:

You may find some help reading those threads.  If the above doesn't take you to a list of posts on Orthostatic Hypotension try a "cut and paste" into you browser.

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