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PVC's count confusing me!?

Hello :)

I seem to be a little confused how doctors come up with PVCS/24 number count.  For example, if i wore a monitor for 5 days and the results were as follows(below). Do they use an average? How do they determine that you might need medication.  My cardiologist mentioned that you would need show many consecutive 10k pvcs/24 hours + readings for them to even want to look into.

Day1 - 5000  PVCS
Day2 - 300   PVCS
Day3 - 4       PVCS
Day4 - 200   PVCS
Day 5 - 80 PVCS

If you have 10k PVCS a day for 2 days and then have non for the next 5 days, would you still be grouped in the category of 10k PVCS a day?

Thank you
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