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Pacemaker pocket possible infection??

This year I was told I needed emergency surgery, I had my pacemaker implanted on 3/01/13, and I have had pain and soreness that has grown very quickly (now spread from my breast bone to my shoulder bone) in a very short amount of time.  My pacemaker site is swelling up and becoming hot to the touch.  I don't see any red around the skin, although it is getting hard, or tight.  Tonight I started running a mild fever.  My incision is healed and is not infected. I have not been in any pain since about 6 days after the surgery.  I was sore for about the first week, but even that went away very quickly.  I have read some stuff about the pocket site being able to become infected but don't know what, or how that is possible, or what it really means, except that they made a pocket for the pacemaker to be put into.  Now being 19 days later, I would have thought if I would have gotten an infection, that I would have already gotten one.  Now I'm up at 2 in the morning typing this worrying about this and in pain because it is even hurting to take a breath.  I'm hoping there is someone out there that knows something more about this then me, or can give me a little insight on what this could be.  Anything will help!  Thanks!!
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It certainly sounds like an infection as your body is treating it as an unwanted object which is a natural reaction. Has you doctor said anything?
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Go see your doctor immediately. Or at least call him and ask about it. This really isn't normal, especially how you described it feeling like its getting tight in that area. That usually means it is swelling up.
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