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Question about Intense Heart Palpitations

I'm male, 27 years old, 250 pounds. No history of heart problems in my family. Three days ago I had intense heart palpitations for several hours which I went to the hospital for. I had no pain, numbness or nausea. No symptoms other than the palpitations. I had ECG and blood tests both of which say my heart rhythm is fine, my thyroid is fine, my blood sugar is fine. However, three days later my heart still feels strange, as though it's more sensitive to any physical activity and it's beating louder in my chest than it should be in general.

Should I be worried?

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Seems you've gotten better heart information from your hospital than you can get here.

Still, you tempt with 250 pounds, did the hospital say anything about your weight?  If you're under 7 feet tall, you weigh too much, I feel I can say.  Loss of excess weight will provide many health benefits including your heart.
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