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Okay, I'm curious about some things. I've checked my heart once at a hospital cause I was quite anxious and it was said by the doctor that my hearts healthy. It was mentioned in the paper that I had irregular arrythmia but all in all it's fine. But I get startled easily and through out these recent weeks I got startled like HUNDREDS of times and some of them was quite shocking to me and I felt A LOT of adrenaline at those occasions. I've also been eating quite an amount of heart healthy foods as well this past week and I exercise and play basketball sometimes, more often than not. My questions are : one can you develop another heart arrythmias if your heart keeps on getting damaged by getting startled and does heart healthy food give your heart a significant amount of strength to your heart so you can withstand some damage from getting startled or no ? Thanks
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Did they say what type of arrhythmia ? A - FIB ?  Eating a heart healthy diet it always good for anyone with or without issues going on so if you have already adjusted to that lifestyle then you are doing a good thing for yourself and keep up the discipline and good work .  Go to a good internal medicine doctor or cardiologist and tel them your concerns and request a holter monitor in which you will wear for 24 hours to monitor your heart to see what’s going on during your normal day and request a echo cardiogram to look for abnormalities and then follow your doctors orders . Couple of questions

Do you suffer from anxiety ?
Have you ever had panic attacks?
Any medical problems ?
Any family history of heart disease ?
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1 IDK If I do I've never been diagnosed just generally always anxious
2 seldomly
3 & 4 I don't think so
One more thing though ive had the x Ray results and the echo cardiogram checked as well and the doctor said that it was fine
I’m sure you are fine , if the echo was good and the X-ray was good I’m sure you have nothing to worry about , if you are that worried about the arrhythmia get yourself a apple i watch series 4 it’s cardiac app checks for A-fib and Heart rate of you heart goes over 100 beads a minute or less than 50 whole inactive or alerts you and can also do a 1 lead EKG  or for a cheaper price pick up a cheaper brand off amazon or something it may put your kid to ease a little
Overall don’t worry about it you can always get a holter monitor put on for 24 hrs to put your mind at ease .
One last question how do you sleep at night ? Do you ever wake up suddenly with your heart racing or gasping for air ? If so you may have sleep apnea that can cause arrhythmia
I usually sleep at midnight which is in no way healthy and about the heart racing thing it doesn't happen a lot and it doesn't happen when I'm fully asleep  and it's feels like getting startled by something and being quite shocked about it lol
Only happened to me recently though. Maybe I need to schedule my sleep a bit more properly so that I can sleep more optimally?
Also one more thing I did not get an echocardiogram I mistook it for something else but I have the results of the heart beats and the doctor said that it was fine
I would trust your doctor. Get better sleep and limit caffeine intake .
I'll try my best. Thank you so much.
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