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Scared to Death of Long QT

So I’ve been on a real rollercoaster here. Please excuse the length. I could really use some support. This is two posts I put up in a different group but it’s my story so far.

I was recently in the ER due to shortness of breath that was determined to be from asthma. They did an EKG which showed a prolonged qtc of 515 ms.

I’ve had many health issues this past year and have had 30 EKGs, event monitor, and holter monitors, two stress tests. Only two EKGs show this prolonged QT.

Since many of you are already diagnosed, is this something I should be worried about? I’m terrified of just dropping dead.

I’ve never passed out and had two perfectly normal stress tests.

UPDATE: so my cardiologist said that my qt interval was slightly prolonged — it was qtc 515, but he must have gotten a different reading by hand. I’m assuming so anyway — which he believes is benign in nature due to all the other EKGs being okay.

He told me to come in and get another EKG so he could look at it. It came back   442.

Still waiting to hear back for analysis.

I looked at all my other numbers on all my other tests and all but those two my qt numbers are in the 420s or 30s, all depending on my heart rate.

Could this be because of my dysautonomia? My Autonomic system is stuck in the “on” position and so I get a lot of adrenaline.

I’m still anxious as hell over this. But I’ve never had any issues so this is so strange. No family history of anyone suddenly dropping dead, no one dead under 50 for any reason. Hell my great grandparents on my dad’s side lived into their 80s and so did most of their kids. My grandma is still alive.

On my Mom side diabetes took my grandma in her sixties but she didn’t take good care of herself either. My grandpa died of a heart attack. Again every overweight and all manner of bad habits.

I just don’t get the random prolongation. No history, no fainting, no problems running around, being active, exercising, nothing.

Then I took to constant dizziness that never goes away, heart palpitations on occasion, skipped beats, migraines, asthma, ect.

Showed autonomic dysfunction on my tilt table. I have diabetes that’s well under control through meds and diet.

I’m baffled and scared to death.
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Can someone please help?
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Can someone please help?
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One of the causes if long QT low magnesium. Diabetics are usually low in magnesium so I would recommend magnesium supplements to see if symptoms improve.
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