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Weak Heart???

I've had pains in my upper left chest for a couple days, and now, It's led to my heart feeling weak?

My chest feels tight, but not much, I used to feel my heart beating through my chest if I laid a hand over it but now I can hardly feel it at all, and I tried my neck, It feels weaker there as well, I also feel nauseous (Like I haven't eaten.)

Should I visit the hospital for this, I am worrying that this could cause a heart attack, but I'm not sure?
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I am reading this a day later and I sure hope you went to the hospital.  I am a nurse and was a paramedic for many years before going to nursing school and I was always taught, anything heart related or chest pain is always considered cardiac until proven otherwise!  It's definitely better to be safe than sorry!  You don't fool around with your heart. We used to say, "time is muscle."  In other words, the longer you wait, the more muscle (heart) is damaged!  That is very true!
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